20 years living in Nasushiobara, 12 songs the image song of shops and galleries that had you get to know in the meantime, we can release gratitude to 3rdCD. Each with distinctive location, because the owner's melody nor various musical instruments. The highest is the background music because it is a healing tone to the whole! (^. ^) ♪

Song Title is ...





1;The Lólmo Time

2;The Cafe in a grove

3;The Wind of Ancient Capital

4;The Story of Cello

5;Color Pop Killala

6;The Calm Hermitage

7;Forest Chant

8;Quiet Hemitage of Artists

9;Sweet&Sour Jam

10;Step by Step

11;The Wind of Southen Europe

12;Chez CODERA




& 生きる!をテーマにしたBeing!” と言う曲も同時リリース!