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Ocarinanono's music is a short story by the sounds !!


OK, do you want to go out in the story of what kind of sound today?



Hellow!♪ ('▽ `)
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I want to live in the year when the day-to-day fun everyone in the world is in good spirits! It is
hoped that if the working even little by little from the fact I can do that on your own for that.
I believe the change is also the trend of the times of negative Become a large force surely if we match the power together, even the smallest to the power of one person.
I'll do my best with the same human beings living in the earth, in borderless for the children of the future! (^ _-) - ☆



☆彡”Fellow on Earth"☆彡

”Fellow on earth"   ~Freeml

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from September 2015. It is a music publisher in Grenada in the Caribbean Sea which became the scene of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Birthplace of the land of the coming "Calypso" out in the movie. Wonderful nature and city scapes of scenery, I am I am very pleased to can edge to historically very deep nice country. To give this opportunity the world of music of ocarinanono and I think I want to feel better around the world.


☆彡  Activity ☆彡

Ocarinanono's music is a short story by the sounds !! 

OK, do you want to go out in the story of what kind of sound today?  

I have a radio program of the Ocarinanono

In love with "most star ☆ ... by ocarinanono

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The 2nd and 4th Saturday 19:30 to 20:00  I will heal you.


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**** Other artists's songs please ask a set listclick the linked until now below. 

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   To the time zone in which is placed on the original sound, to look at the stars ☆ 彡 

Please enjoy because there is also such as raw ocarina playing. (^^) ♪  

most just When you go to look for the first star of mind with you...With great I think.


Please write your comments and request songs.


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☆彡Radio Airplay

the Radio Airplay

For your song in this ocarinanono to a lot of people all over the world,

I started from June 2014 "the Radio Airplay".


The musical piece that I register now


[Setlist of radio airplay]


1st album"Soundstory vol.1"


2nd album "For the DEAREST"


single cover Ave Maria~Giulio Romano Caccini  (arr.ocarinanono)


3rd album "Nasushiobara"


cover album "Aria on Heart Strings"


 Please tell us and that you are interested and your recent, let us know your impressions and song title you've heard~♪&The Follow us human beings, borderless!                                              


☆彡 Histry ☆彡


**It will be donated to thyroid abnormalities inspection costs by radiation of children in Fukushima Prefecture.



** Partial What this charity! This time there is a very implications. 

It also will be donated by specialized half of revenue in thyroid inspection cost relationship of the children of Fukushima Prefecture .

Say why  I'm  pharmacist and the third son is still 12 years old, I thought it was trying to donate to that it was worried about the impact of the nuclear accident that occurred at the time of the earthquake. Now has been touted well Preventive medicine and important, is the general of health diagnosis and to receive a diagnosis in the same way, the children themselves, and their parents with our continuing to because intention is very important to take in response to the inspection. To help you know the widely on the above, it was decided to donate for a fixed purpose to use the donation to the Fukushima prefectural government.




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**My CD's beginning to sell that is ” CDBABY”.

 Delivery of it starts in Apple iTunes, radebit,Gret Idie Music,Amazon MP3,Google Music Storeetc...Search it in "ocarinanono"!(^^)♪


The live of the cafe at Shibuya on 20 July 2013.

―The History of artist & other ocarinanono―

Dec.13 2014  Ocarinanono's Charity & Christmas concert

             with Amy & Shina (I.U.H.W) 


Nov.8 2014~ FM Urayasu in the second and fourth week        

              Saturday 19:30 to 20:00 in "and in love with the first star,,," program of ocarinanono will start from               November 8. Say hello!                   


Jun 2014~ Delivery from Radio Airplay


Jun 23 2014~ Affiliwtion at FREEWORLD



Jun 2014~ Delivery from Radio Airplain


March 7 2014~ NASU-WAVE~InternetTV show "The Heartwarming Tme" by ocarinanono.


I owe "GLOVAL CASTING" from September 26, 2013~Decenber 31


ocarinanono reopens live activity again in various places from May 26, 2013.

I'm free ocarina/keyboard player & composer +actor??



    I released 2nd album "For The Dearest" from CDbaby in August, 2013.

Feb.~March 2013

 I partocipate in "DAYBOOK",Tokyo Borderless TV, JCV charity Festa.


 I released first album "ocarinanono's Sound Story vol.1" from CDbaby in July, 2012.

 It's beginning to sell that is ” CDBABY”.

 Delivery of it starts in Apple iTunes, radebit,Gret Idie Music,Amazon MP3,Google Music Store.



     I participated in Freewolrd where it was hosted by Mr.Kiriya 、movie director whom many artists participated in.


 Delivery of the original piece of music starts in i-tunes,amazon from November, 2011.


 Member of association of Japanese talent(Creatorとして所属)

Dec.1999... Oct.2011

  I sponsored NPO Wataboushi , Visual impairment support group.

  Well-known activity
 ・Enlargement of the description of a syringe for diabetes

  ・The color of the container of eye drops, identification by the form participate in becoming it
 ・Indication of the day habit with the Braille seal
 ・Visual impairment support of the prescription medicine

May, 1996 ...

  I continue working as a pharmacist now.



☆Another Activity☆

I often came out to Japanese TV screen in this summer/autumn and participate in some dramas in extras in 2013~2015.

☆彡NPO-wataboushi~visual impairment support group of the medical information

”わたぼうし”is the kind of the dandelion.
”わたぼうし”is the kind of the dandelion.

The main activities of the NPO-Wataboushi that I had been the President from 1999 to 2015 is visually impaired support of pharmaceutical information, expansion of the display of diabetes for injection, the form of eye drops, color due to discrimination implementation, was the other. Through the adjournment of the earthquake, since 2014, based on preventive medicine, and working to improve the issues related to transfer improvement of generalization and medical information of thyroid examination, we closing in 2015 after finishing a role.